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Intuition Journey Workshop


NECK, BACK and BEYOND Presents:
Brooksie Wells and Nina Gibson
"Intuition - An Interactive Journey Around the Medicine Wheel"


This is a unique experience!  Our very special interactive workshop combines the development of your intuition with a powerful journey around a medicine wheel for a powerful time of transformation and healing.  There is truly nothing like this weekend workshop that informs, opens you, connects you, touches your dreams and frees you up.  Brooksie and I love to offer this class in the the fall when things are stirring -  it feels like a great time to get together in this powerful way! 


INTUITION is an important capability that we ALL have - we ALL use - and we normally don't take the time to understand and develop it.   If you've always wondered about "what you are getting", how to understand or trust it, and how to differentiate it from your fears, how to access it, what the scientific evidence is, and more…take our course "Intuition Journey" - an Interactive Journey Around the Medicine Wheel.



Friday, November 21, 2014 from 7:00 - 9:30 PM 

Intuition - The Flip Side of Intellect

Opening to The Intuitive Mind-Body Connection 



Saturday, November 22, 2014:  from 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Your Intuitive Body, Trusting Intuition 

Personal Symbols and Insights 

Tools for your Intuition Journey

Using Music and Art as the Intuitive Bridge


Location:  Neck Back and Beyond, Fairfax VA

10560 Main St (Mosby Tower) Suite PH-1, Fairfax VA 22030 

Cost:  $150, Material Fee $20

Includes Lunch on Saturday, 4 sets of "Intuition Journey Cards", handouts and certificate of completion!

To Register, Please Email: Nina Gibson at


We are all connected in so many profound ways. Brooksie Wells and I share our intuitive path with other seekers. For fifteen years we have been exploring the ways that humans experience insight and guidance. We have shared our teachings with many groups including six summer sessions as faculty at The Chautauqua Institute in New York.


Using the format of a Native American medicine wheel we inform and enrich your knowledge of how you have experienced intuition and then allow for you to try these techniques yourself and see how they resonate in your life. Everyone will receive an extensive bibliography and handouts and we have a CD and four sets of cards which helps to continue to practice at home.   


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To Register, Please Email: Nina Gibson at

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