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Stops Time

#4 Album of the Month

- Folk DJ Chart
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North East Rising Sun

North East Rising Sun
Save The Day
No Notion

Silver Spoon
Nothing Changes
Shame Houses

You Can't Fix Crazy

Holdin' His Heart

If Someday Ever Comes
Shame On The Moon
Who Needs A Man

Featuring GRAMMY-Nominated Frank Solivan on mandolin and fiddle. 


Down Home Divas

Break the Chain
Parallel Park

School Girl Crush
Lost in the Music


True Love

Down South Blues
I Guess
In Your Hands

Featuring Missy Raines on bass.


Anything But Love


Anything But Love

Talk to You

Just The Best
In Love
Already Scared
Sometime Thing
One More Day
Why Do I Stay?
Capt. John

Loose End

High Road


RadioIndy Says:

"Wells’ vocals glide through each track with style and grace while delivering crisp and clean clarity. Fans of Bonnie Raitt or Dixie Chicks won’t be disappointed . . . pop blended with blues."


Been There

Cut & Run
Why, Why, Why?

Do Right Too

Dirty Little Secret
Calling Out

Face the Music
Big Chance
Then Some


Holdin' On

Can't Stop



Twelve original songs telling vivid stories of real-life triumphs and heartaches in the classic country music tradition. At once highly personal and widely universal, the stories told on 'Been There' have either happened to you personally, or they’ve happened to someone you know well.


Pineapples, Butterflies and Dinosaurs

Three Languages in Three Minutes
Travelling On a Map
Life Cyle of a Butterfly

Where Things Grow

My Favorite Food

Help Save the Earth

If Dinosaurs Went to Your School

Missy Lost the Gold Ring

Grammar in a Nutshell​

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